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About Piet

Piet is largely a self taught photographer, but has participated in a distance mentoring programs with Jonathan Chritchley, and Michael Levin.

Piet started showing his work publicly in 2015, with a feature article titled “Chasing the light” in "Precise Moment Magazine", an online photography magazine. That was followed by a national juried exhibition in LA Artcorp, Los Angeles California, and another national Juried exhibit, "Photo ‘17" at Multiple Exposure Gallery in Alexandria Virginia. His work was published as a Showcase portfolio in the September/October issue of "Shadow & Light Magazine", a digital photography publication, and another collection was published in "Se7entrees", issue 8 in July 2016. He also showed his work in Altier 22, at the Griffin Museum of photography. He has had individual photographs shown by “Adore Noir”, “Inspire Fine Art Magazine”, and “1859 Oregons magazine”, and a number of other publications and websites.